Why Us?

Shackford & Saxon founder Bob Saxon has built his career ensuring offices are using equipment that is high quality and in good repair. He started in the office machines industry repairing rotary calculators, then as a representative with Royal Typewriters. In the late 1970s, he founded Saxon’s For Your Office, Inc., a typewriter service and repair company that served businesses and local school districts in San Jose, California.

He met Lathem Time Recorder CEO Bill Lathem on a ski trip in Canada, and moved to Georgia to work for the company in 1991. After 17 years of business travel (and seeing the evolution of office machines over more than three decades), Bob realized that an essential piece of equipment in every office was its printer – which was also the source of much stress in the workplace.

In 2004, he purchased ink for his own printer, and it didn’t work, so he returned it to the store. The store manager told Bob they had a lot of problems with returns. It was then that Saxon realized he could do it better. He spent the better part of a year calling on friends and former colleagues in the office products industry, and found that there were only a few manufacturers who distributed a quality product, but even that was inconsistent.

He started Shackford & Saxon, Inc., in 2005 after testing several products from a variety of manufacturers and deciding which would be the best for his clients.

Bob Saxon still tests products from new manufacturers, and offers only those that meet or exceed his strict standards.

After all, Bob says, “Quality Ink and Toner Products” isn’t just his tagline, it’s his personal commitment to customer satisfaction.